Sunday, January 23, 2022

SeaWorld Entertainment Posts Opening Dates for Three Coasters

© SeaWorld Orlando
We've had to wait an extra year for some of SeaWorld Entertainment's largest new roller coasters, and finally we're near to the grand opening dates for these attractions.  In the last week three parks have announced when we get experience new coasters at their parks, let's take a look at each.

SeaWorld Orlando will open Ice Breaker to visitors on February 18th.  The Premier Rides designed multi-launch coaster will actually have riders before that date, as pass members will get an opportunity to check the coaster out as soon as January 30th.

The theme park also released a new point of view ride on the attraction, the first we've had since the ride started testing:



Also in Florida, Busch Gardens Tampa has announced that Iron Gwazi will premier to visitors on March 11th.  

© Busch Gardens Tampa

This is the Rocky Mountain Construction hybrid redesign of Iron Gwazi, and fans have been salivating about their first ride on the coaster for far too long now.  Standing 206 feet tall and featuring a 91 degree drop, Iron Gwazi's trains will soar along the steel track at 76 miles per hour.  Similar to with Ice Breaker, pass members will start to ride Iron Gwazi as soon as February 13th, depending on their pass tier.  That's a lovely Valentine present if I do say so.


© SeaWorld San Diego
Last but certainly not least, SeaWorld San Diego will open Emperor, their custom B&M dive coaster, to the public on March 12th.   To celebrate, the park release this cool infographic covering the ride's layout and features - which include three inversions and a 14 story vertical plunge.  If only all that cool ice surrounding the ride really existed!

The coaster will have a pass holder preview set up as well, though right now the dates aren't set but expected to take place in March.