Monday, December 27, 2021

Kings Island Making Major Improvements to The Beast This Offseason

© Kings Island
One of the industry's most beloved wooden roller coasters, The Beast at Kings Island, is receiving some major improvements this off season, the park has confirmed.  In their latest blog entry they detail exactly what the park is doing, with the help of The Gravity Group, to have The Beast running better than ever in 2022.

We actually had a pretty good idea that The Beast was undergoing some major improvements a few weeks back, when these photos of the ride were posted on Reddit.  At that time it was shocking to see such large parts of the ride stripped bare, but now that the park has filled us in on the plans it all makes a lot more sense.

Kings Island details that a total of 2,000 feet of The Beast's record-breaking track will be refurbished before the park reopens for 2022.  The Gravity Group is working on the coaster's first drop and the tunnel right after, and the turn toward the second drop, plus the 540 degree helix tunnel.  Kings Island carpenters are working on 1,090 feet of track on other parts of the ride.

The Beast's first drop will go from 45 to 53 degrees during the work, which is needed in order for the track to enter the tunnel lower for the "proper parabolic arcs" to be created in the renovated area leading to the 2nd drop.  The park also explains how the helix tunnel area will change as well, make sure to check out the park's official blog for more details!