Sunday, December 5, 2021

Big Rivers Waterpark Building Big Rivers Fairground Amusement Area

© Big Rivers Waterpark

Big Rivers Waterpark, located in Texas, has announced that they are adding amusement rides to their offerings starting this month in a part of the park called the Big Rivers Fairgrounds.  The developers behind Big Rivers Waterpark have long planned to open a theme park within the Grand Texas development, but had chosen to add the water park first.  The theme park plans were first announced in 2013, but owners still want to open it some day.

However for now they're carving out an undeveloped part of the water park to add a selection of rides and attractions, eleven in total.  There will be thrill rides along with kiddie rides so that there is something for the whole family.

© Big Rivers Waterpark

It sounds a bit like the park went shopping at the IAAPA show and got some neat rides to take back with them.  The park's owner showed off Rolling Thunder, one of SBF Visa Group's spinning roller coasters that has the crazy hamster wheel seating on part of it.  The park purchased the ride that was at the IAAPA show, and it was to be shipped to the park shortly thereafter.  That's sure to get visitors' attention!

© Big Rivers Waterpark

While not all rides will be open in December, they all will be for sure by the start of the 2022 season.  Other attractions listed include SPINdletop, an inverting pendulum ride, a set of Flying Scooters, a Tornado ride by Wisdom, and as seen above, Lafitte's Fury, a swinging ship ride.  Since there are 11 rides in total, there are obviously more not yet listed.

The park's press release for the Fairgrounds area notes that these rides are not meant to replace the full 140 acre theme park they plan to build, noting that the park is still "forthcoming."