Tuesday, April 6, 2021

VelociCoaster to Open June 10th at Islands of Adventure

© Universal Orlando

Rejoice ride fans!  Universal Orlando has announced that the VelociCoaster will open to guests on June 10th!  Finally, the date that many have been anticipating for months now has been revealed, and perhaps we'll even have some test preview days sooner than the grand opening.  Either way it is wonderful to know exactly when visitors will be able to roar alongside the raptors that have apparently taken over a part of Islands of Adventure.

© Universal Orlando

The new coaster's opening date also comes with some new press photos that the park has revealed, showing off some of the coaster's maneuvers.  VelociCoaster is a beautiful ride, featuring two separate launches with a top speed of 70 miles per hour and a 155 foot tall top hat element - making it the tallest and fastest launched roller coaster in Florida.  Fans of airtime will also appreciate that the VelociCoaster will feature a total of 12 seconds of it spread throughout the ride's 4,700 feet of track.

© Universal Orlando

This story from USA Today has more information on the attraction's backstory, which starts with guests visiting the latest attraction to open in the fictional Jurassic World theme park - as seen in the film franchise.  Riders will have the opportunity to safely view raptors while on the coaster, but, of course, something goes wrong.  It always does!  Make sure to click through to the article for many more details about the coaster.

Also make sure to check out this new video advertising the opening of the ride that Universal Orlando released today.  There's some short clips of point of view footage mixed in there showing off the heavy theming surrounding the coaster - and even a raptor or two!