Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Gerstlauer Amusement Rides to Build Mystery "Record Breaking" Coaster in the U.S. in 2022

© Gerstlauer

While the amusement industry gets its footing back as the pandemic subsides we're not exactly having a big year for new rides - understandably - so it's nice to look ahead as we always tend to do to what's coming next.  While we have no idea at what park just yet, Amusement Today is reporting that Gerstlauer will be building a custom designed "record-breaking" coaster at a park in the U.S. slated to open in May of 2022.

Well that's certainly something to look forward to!  Sure, we don't know the park just yet, but at least someone out there is feeling strong enough about the future to sign what must be a very large contract for next season.

The manufacturer is represented in the U.S. by Ride Entertainment.  Their CEO, Ed Hiller, notes in the story on Amusement Today that the custom ride will utilize a "challenging location" and is expected to be a "showcase attraction known around the world."  Ride Entertainment will handle the instillation of the coaster, saying that it will be one of the most "formidable installations" they have faced.  Seems the mystery park's layout and terrain will play heavily into the coaster's design, which I'm sure might help all the detectives out there narrow down their guess on the park.

© Gerstlauer

Gerstlauer is known for many different types of roller coasters, though their Infinity line, which uses both lift hills and launches, has produced many of their largest.  Recent installations of this type in the U.S. include HangTime at Knott's Berry Farm and Monster at Adventureland.  To be fair though, they have made some very large Euro-Fighter models as well - an example of that would be TMNT Shellraiser at Nickelodeon Universe.

As always, time will tell, but for now we can only speculate on what park is adding this new coaster for 2022!


Kyle Cormier said...

I think & know that record breaking coaster in 2022 is going to, the roller coaster capital of the world.

haha said...

Considering the terrain is a big part of it, I'm willing to bet that its Dollywood, Silver Dollar or BGW.