Sunday, January 24, 2021

Six Flags Great Adventure Ready to Top Out The Jersey Devil Coaster in New Updates

© Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure had a very busy past couple of weeks with regard to construction of The Jersey Devil Coaster, and has shared multiple updates with us during that time.  The park has gotten extremely close to topping the ride off, and at this point if they haven't already I would expect to see the ride's track completed early this coming week.

© Six Flags Great Adventure

The park's updates cover a lot of groundFirst (up top) we saw the park continue to place pieces of track that were mostly toward the ground, like the intense turn around seen above.  Then the park quickly completed many of the ride's air-time hills, and while not the most glamorous portion of the ride, the brake run and station area started to get some attention (above).

© Six Flags Great Adventure

Then just most recently things got even more exciting as the park started to put the track on the lift hill, and get the apex of the ride ready to receive the final track segments.  The ride looks beautiful in these photos, make sure to check them out.

© Six Flags Great Advenure

At the end of this past week the park was just about ready to complete the ride, and as seen above, only one track segment was needed to complete things.  I'm not sure if they added that yet or not, but technically I guess the highest part of the ride is kinda in place so it's kinda topped off?  Either way, who really cares because this is amazing progress for one of the most anticipated new rides for 2021!