Sunday, January 17, 2021

Silverwood Theme Park Shares Stunt Pilot Fabrication Updates

Silverwood Theme Park is quite excited about their new for 2021 roller coaster, Stunt Pilot, and rightfully so.  Not many parks can say that they have one of Rocky Mountain Construction's single rail Raptor roller coasters, and that's exactly what will open at Silverwood this year.

© Silverwood Theme Park
To help build even more excitement, the park is showing off the fabrication of the ride on their social media channels.  It's fairly easy for the park to check in on the ride, as the headquarters for RMC is just a stone's throw from them in Idaho.  They visited the fabrication site and as we can see in the photos the track and supports for Stunt Pilot are well underway!

© Silverwood Theme Park
It is always pretty neat to see roller coaster track and supports being manufactured, and Silverwood got some great action photos of the process.  When completed, Stunt Pilot will stand 106 feet tall, feature 1,800 feet of track with three inversions and a top speed of 52 miles per hour.

© Silverwood Theme Park
We even got a look at the fabrication of the front of the ride's two, 10 person single seater trains.  Adorned with the ride's logo, these trains will look slick racing through the layout.  The ride's name is a throw back to the air shows that used to take place daily at Silverwood, a wonderful nod to the park's history.