Saturday, November 28, 2020

Luna Park Sydney Adding 9 Rides in 2021 Including First Intamin Hot Racer

© Luna Park Sydney
Luna Park in Sydney, Australia, has announced a massive addition for their summer 2021 season, including 9 new rides - one of which will be the first Intamin Hot Racer roller coaster.  The addition will cost $30 million and bring the park's roster of attractions into the 21st century with modern, thrilling rides.  The addition is seen as coming as the perfect time as the hope is that the world will be in recovery from the pandemic for Sydney's summer 2021, which starts around late Fall in North America.

The Managing Director of Luna Park Sydney, Peter Hearne, said: “We are investing over  $30  million  to  upgrade  park  facilities,  introduce  nine  new,  state-of-the-art  rides  and update some of our other attractions, while ensuring we retain the heritage and history of this much-loved Sydney destination. We  are  excited  to  announce  the  introduction  of  nine  new  permanent  rides  that  will  thrill and excite all  age  levels, including six new children’s rides;  a family coaster; a thrill  ride;  and  a  new  Big  Dipper,  which  will  be  the  first  inline  seating  launch  roller  coaster in the world."

© Luna Park Sydney
The Intamin Hot Racer coaster, called Big Dipper, will not only be the first of Intamin's single rail coasters, but also the first of its genre to feature a launch.  We just saw Intamin debut the model online recently, and they have more information on their site about it as well.

At Luna Park the coaster will start with a small launch out of the station at 31 miler per hour to get things going, followed by a Stengel Dive turn.  Soon after there is another launch to 45 miles per hour that will send the single seater, in-line trains up into a non-inverting loop followed by a sidewinder inversion.  Other elements on the coaster include airtime hills, high speed downward s-curves, a wave turn and a flatspin inversion.

For a small space, the Big Dipper will certainly pack a punch.  Check out the below video for much more on the ride: