Sunday, November 29, 2020

Circus Circus Adventuredome Opens New NebulaZ Flat Ride

© Zamperla
The Adventuredome theme park at Circus Circus, in Las Vegas, has opened a new flat ride named NebulaZ.  The creation is from Zamperla, which calls the ride the same name (the photo up top is of the ride at Luna Park in Coney Island, but is the same as what has opened in Las Vegas).  The ride type is fairly new, and I wouldn't be surprised to see more of these pop up at parks in the future.

Zamperla describes the ride as one where "four arms rotate in fast intermeshing orbits" which is a very accurate description.  The arms swing around on a horizontal axis, seemingly coming close to colliding with one another, as the entire bases rotates around itself.  The effect is mesmerizing for both those on the ride and those watching from the midway below.

Zamperla is well known for their ability to theme rides as well, making an attraction like this fit in so many different parks.  Here's a video of the NubulaZ at Adventuredome in action: