Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Silverwood Theme Park Begins Teasing for Landscape-Changing 2021 Attraction

© Silverwood Theme Park
This isn't really the year for parks to tease new attractions, as many new for 2020 rides are now scheduled to open in 2021.  However, Silverwood Theme Park is bucking that trend and has started to tease readers on social media about a new attraction they are going to open in 2021.

We do not have much to go off of just yet, but it appears as though the park is excited to be teasing something new for the park for the first time in 1,788 days.  That was what they posted last week, along with the graphic up top.  The park last teased a new attraction that was coming in 2016, so indeed, it has been a while.

The font and graphics for the 2021 attraction do not seem to hint at something for the property's water park, known as Boulder Beach.  At least when compared to the tease they shared from the 2016 water park addition (which was a mat racing water slide).

© Silverwood Theme Park
Just today the park shared this image, along with a note that "this view is going to look a lot different next year."  Obviously this confirms that the 2021 attraction is indeed for the theme park, and not the water park - just based on the photo.

If the above view is to change significantly when the new attraction is installed then it feels reasonable to think this might be a somewhat large addition.  Not saying it is a coaster, but perhaps?  There are plenty of other flat rides that would make a big impact on that view as well.

With parks gearing up to start to sell season passes for next year I imagine it might not be too long until we find out just what Silverwood has up their sleeves.  Stay tuned!