Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Carowinds Shares Views of Completed Boogie Board Racer + Grand Carnivale Arrives for 2021

© Carowinds
Another park that didn't make it to an opening day in 2020, Carowinds is already looking toward the future when the park opens its new waterslide tower and hosts Grand Carnivale in 2021.


Slated to have opened this year, Boogie Board Racer is a six lane mat racing slide that has been built inside the park's Carolina Harbor water park.  From the new images that the park has shared, the entire attraction looks complete.  They even have some short video clips of test sliders in action on the park's social media channels!

© Carowinds
The attraction features the colors of the rainbow over the six different paths, each of which includes enclosed and exposed sections along with a 360 degree horizontal loop.  Sliders will race each other down the slope to the finish line, which features a traditional black and white checkerboard motif.  The addition is the first since Carowinds' water park was expanded and rebranded in 2016.

© Carowinds
Additionally, the park had to push back the debut of the Grand Carnivale special event from 2020 until 2021.  Thankfully the park is still planning on debuting the celebration next year as the park's website confirms.  The event was a big success at other Cedar Fair parks in 2019 and I have no doubt that guests to Carowinds will love the colorful atmosphere, Spectacle of Color Parade, exciting street party and tasty food samplings that it offers.

The park has not released exact dates for Grand Carnivale yet, but should as the 2021 season gets closer.