Saturday, June 6, 2020

Small Amusement Park Planned for Myrtle Beach in 2021

© Funplex
Known as the Funplex amusement park, it looks like Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, will have a small new outdoor park in 2021.  The park, which will be built on what is currently a parking lot, will stretch about a block near the beach, and feature a handful of rides including a family roller coaster.

The concept art up top shows what is planned for the property.  The roller coaster looks like the SBF Visa coaster featuring 'hamster wheel' cars that allow riders to invert tons of times while going around the track, along with some spinning cars in the train.  We first saw this at IAAPA and for thrill seekers it looks like a blast.

© Myrtlebeachonline

This overhead view of the Funplex amusement park comes from a local news story, and shows more of the rides that will be available.  There are a few flat rides, the roller coaster, a drop tower and a couple items for the smaller kids.

Myrtle Beach has long been home to Family Kingdom, a classic beach side amusement park.  Funplex will join it in the city's tourist offerings.