Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Six Flags St. Louis to Reopen on June 22nd

© Six Flags St. Louis
Continuing the trend of parks announcing reopening dates, next up we have Six Flags St. Louis which will open their gates for the 2020 season on June 22nd.  June 22nd through June 25th will be only for pass holders and members, then the general public my attend starting on June 26th.

Reservations to visit Six Flags St. Louis will open on June 11th for the highest tiers of memberships, the phase over the following days down to lower levels.  As with all Six Flags parks, reservations must be made ahead of time in order to visit the park.

An opening date for the property's water park, Hurricane Harbor, has not been announced yet.

© Six Flags St. Louis
As for the park's new for 2020 attraction, Catwoman Whip, it is still listed on the park's What's New page.  However, there is no actual information about the attraction or when it might open, at least for me, instead there is an advertisement for season passes from last Labor Day.

So it's not clear if the park has been working on the ride to have it ready for opening, or exactly what the status is.