Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Rumors Swirl That Clementon Amusement Park is Closed For Good

© Clementon Amusement Park
Due to the park suddenly closing early for the season, rumors are spreading that Clementon Amusement Park and its water park, Splash World, are closed for good.  The property is owned by Premier Parks LLC, which operates several amusement and water parks across the country.

Clementon was scheduled to be open into late September with a big customer appreciation day on the 15th, but when guests who had purchased tickets showed up the park was not open.  And it isn't opening again this year and has stayed very quiet about whether or not it will open in 2020.  A sure bad sign is the lack of selling season passes for next season, which the park is not currently offering, and also their deleted Facebook page isn't too encouraging.

© Clementon Amusement Park
While the truth may not be fully uncovered at this point, there's certainly something up with the property.  Parks don't often close early for the season without a good reason, and one can't help but wonder if the land under the park is worth more than its continued operations.  Or perhaps Premier Parks LLC is just looking for a new owner, with one not found as of now.

It would be a shame for the park to close, as it is one of the oldest amusement parks in America, dating back to 1907.  It was one of hundreds of trolley parks in the Northeast to have opened, most of which have since closed.  Now it appears as though Clementon may have to be added to that list.

The property's largest ride is Hell Cat, a wooden roller coaster that opened in 2004 and was built by S&S Worldwide.  In recent years Splash World has seen several additions, and remained quite popular with guests.  Family and company picnics seemed to be the park's bread and butter, but they did do a four "classic" ride expansion just this season.  We visited the park back in 2014 and our thoughts on that visit can be read here.


Bworld said...

Hell cat was a CCI coaster. Not an S&S