Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Help Name Luna Park's New For 2020 Roller Coaster

© Luna Park
Luna Park, located in Coney Island, previously announced an ambitious plan to expand into a new parcel of land and offer an even larger assortment of rides and attractions. 

The new area at the time was announced to contain a new gathering and park-like space along with a huge ropes/adventure course, and a new log flume.  The log flume was the highlight at the time, as it was a much larger model than the park's current flume.

The expansion news came about a year ago and has since grown, and now includes a family roller coaster that wraps around the log flume - nice!  Since pretty much all rides that are installed at Luna Park are provided by Zamperla, we can probably assume they will be creating the coaster.

The above concept art shows the new coaster and how it will interact with the flume.  Granted the ride looks mild in nature, but who doesn't want a new coaster in the famous seaside paradise?

If you happen to have a great name idea for this coaster you can currently submit it to Luna Park via a contest they are holding.  Winners of the contest will get a VIP package day at the park for a group of their friends.

At this point it seems the ropes course, log flume and newly announced steel roller coaster are all planned to open in the Spring or Summer of 2020.


Mr. Darkmare said...

Small force coaster