Friday, May 10, 2019

Volcano: The Blast Coaster Nearly Gone from Kings Dominion

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Sorry it has been a bit quiet around here lately, we've been away.  I noticed more and more sad photos of the destruction of Volcano: The Blast Coaster at Kings Dominion over the past couple weeks.  They're popping up all over the interwebs, photos and video of not only the coaster itself coming down, but also the entire mountain that the ride surrounded.

These photos were shared on Instagram today by KDFans and show the most recent views of what little is left of Volcano.  It is not much!  Basically all that remains is the steel support for the center of the volcano structure, which has the coaster's supports intertwined with it.  It's kind of neat to see how the mountain supports stayed separate from the coaster's, but I think we'd all rather go for a spin on Volcano than see the inside of the mountain like this.

YouTube user World of John has also been documenting the removal of the coaster via aerial footage.  The most recent video is embedded here, taken about a week ago.  There's a little bit more of the ride still standing at that point, but not much.

At this rate, the main structure of the ride will probably be completely gone in a week.

As for the future of Volcano's site, the park has placed the above sign on the construction fence.  This photo, from CP Food Blog, promises us that there will be a new expedition on the horizon.  Exactly what that means remains a mystery, and the sign isn't really very telling.  I think there's probably no chance that any type of animal attraction will replace the coaster, though the general theme used here might be employed.