Friday, May 24, 2019

Australia's Sea World to Build New Wooden Roller Coaster for 2020

© Sea World
Sea World theme park, located on the Gold Coast in Australia, has announced a major expansion, costing $50 million, that will last over the next 18 months.

Sea World, which is a part of the Village Roadshow group of parks, will build The New Atlantis, a themed section that will contain three separate thrill rides when complete.  Featuring plenty of statues, water falls, fountains and hanging gardens, The New Atlantis will be an immersive addition to the park.

Opening in December of 2019 (which is the park's summer season) is Vortex, a large Top Spin type of attraction.  Located right on the edge of the park by the water, the ride will have plenty of fountains under it and feature multiple rotations, inversions, and forces up to 3.5gs.

Up next in April of 2020 is Trident, a 170 foot tall swing ride that is themed as a giant trident - giving it a fitting name indeed.

© Sea World
The third ride, and easily the most exciting is Leviathan, a brand new wooden roller coaster opening in December of 2020.  Concept art for the twisted ride can be seen above, and according to RCDB the ride will stand around 105 feet tall and be designed by The Gravity Group.  The coaster's layout appears to wrap around itself several times, and one news article about the expansion mentioned that one of the ride's cars will be turned around backward.

The park also released a video showing off the new rides, including some animated shots of Leviathan in action.  Check it out below.