Monday, April 2, 2018

Worlds of Fun Shares Timber Wolf + Nordic Chaser Updates

© Worlds of Fun
Worlds of Fun is making good on their announced changes to Timber Wolf, the theme park's 1989 Dinn Corporation wooden roller coaster.  The plan that was revealed included removing a slow upward helix in the middle of the ride, and replacing it with a higher-speed 70 degree banked turn.

The park has now shared some photos of that new turn, which has been constructed at the park.  The work is being done by Great Coasters International.

© Worlds of Fun
The new over-bank certainly gives the mid-section of Timber Wolf a new look!  This second photo really shows the height of the curve in comparison to the rest of the layout.  It will be interesting to see how much speed the trains keep as they navigate the new curve.  Worlds of Fun is still saying that the "reborn" Timber Wolf will open in late spring.

© Worlds of Fun
The park also shared our first look at Nordic Chaser, the park's new attraction for 2018.  We knew the attraction was some sort of circular flat ride, but from this photo we can tell a bit more.  Screamscape has confirmed that the attraction will be a Mack designed SeaStorm ride.  The attraction features cars that quickly move around an undulating track, and like most Mack rides it appears to have wonderful theming.

Looks like it will be a hit with families!  The Nordic Chaser is slated to open with the park for the season in April.