Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dreamland Margate Adding Nine New Rides for Summer 2018

© Dreamland Margate
Dreamland Margate, located near the sea in Kent, England, is poised to add an impressive nine new rides for the park's 2018 summer season.

The classic amusement park reopened in 2015 and features and totally rebuilt Scenic Railway wooden roller coaster, which dates back to 1920.  The park's long history has had both very successful decades of operation along with a period of decline that saw the park closed for many years, but is now experiencing a rebirth as visitors enjoy the seaside park.

This summer's additions will be part of a package of rides from popular manufacturer Zamperla, and feature both children, family and thrill rides.

The top concept art shows Dreamland Margate with the new rides in place, and this Blooloop article details much of what is coming.  There will be a new roller coaster, a Wild Mouse, along with the Dreamland Drop, a drop tower, an Air Race, Discovery and an Endeavor.  These rides alone should ramp up the thrill factor for the park, which until this year didn't have too many modern thrill rides to offer visitors.

Children and family rides that are being added include a Samba Balloon, Magic Bikes and what sounds like a small spinning ship ride.

Dreamland Margate is also improving other amenities at the park, such as adding new landscaping and vastly improving food operations.  This article also details the new 15,000 capacity concert venue that is hoped to lure visitors from London to the park.