Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wild Looking 'Lost Gravity' Coaster Opening at Walibi Holland in 2016

Yesterday we covered an innovative new water ride from Mack at Walibi Belgium, and today we will look at an equally interesting new roller coaster going into sister park Walibi Holland - also said to be from Mack.

The new coaster will be named Lost Gravity, that much has been confirmed by the park via their social media feeds.  The exact details of the ride however are still a mystery, though popular rumor pegs the new ride as being of the spinning variety.  We all know for sure that the ride will have a bit of a bumble bee color scheme going on:

© Walibi Holland
So yes - the track alternates between black and yellow throughout the ride, however this photo (one of a few "official" ones the park has sent out) has another important thing to point out... that first drop!  The track quickly inverts as it drops toward the ground so as to not really invert riders but is still quite dramatic in appearance.  The rest of the ride (a speculative layout was created and posted here) that is standing so far includes a large top hat, several air-time hills and a long elevated mid-course with another inverting dive.

A great set of "through the trees" type of photos was posted to Imgur two days ago, available at this link.  While zoomed in quite a bit to get past the trees, you can still see several of the newer elements that are in place.  The park's full reveal for Lost Gravity, whenever it takes place, will be most anticipated.