Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kings Dominion Shares Shockwave Demolition Photos

In late August, Kings Dominion announced a brand new thrill ride, Delirium, for the park's 2016 season - to be located on the site of the park's Shockwave stand up roller coaster.  The retirement of the coaster was previously announced, but with the park closed for the season not much was seen of the ride's removal.

© Kings Dominion
Well, at least not much was seen until now.  The park has been recently publishing a new blog, and this new update features photos from the demolition of Shockwave (and a nice before and after view).  The ride, one of a handful of Togo designed coasters still operating in North America, originally opened at the park in 1986.  Kings Dominion has been improving several of its themed sections over the past few seasons, and now Candy Apple Grove is receiving major attention next year.

© Kings Dominion
There was some speculation that Shockwave may be sold or moved to another park, but these photos will put that rumor to bed for good.  The crews demolishing the ride ripped it apart and made piles of steel, like this one, that were headed for the recycling center.  No reassembling required.

Fans of the park will be excited to see Delirium rise on the site of Shockwave in the coming months.  The high intensity pendulum style ride will take passengers up to 115 feet over the midway at 120 degrees - all while spinning and swinging at the same time.