Saturday, October 31, 2015

Baynum Painting Working on Two of the Country's Most Iconic Coasters

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope your night is filled with spooky fun!

Baynum Painting, well known of their amusement park projects, is proud to be currently working on two famous U.S. roller coasters.  These new jobs come on top of the 200 or so roller coasters and other rides that Baynum already has under their belt.

© Baynum Painting
First up is Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point.  The 420 foot tall roller coaster is quite a challenge to paint, I'm sure, but not too much for Baynum.  The company started by pressure washing the structure, hanging in buckets from the top of the ride (seen above).  What a view the workers have!  The company reports that they will be on site for several months while the ride is painted, having already started to take advantage of the nice fall weather.  Cedar Point is also giving Raptor a fresh coat of paint this off season as well, though that work is not being done by Baynum.

© Baynum Painting
The second roller coaster that the company is currently working on is another world-famous ride, the venerable Cyclone at Coney Island.  Baynum has been working on stripping off 88 years of paint and other gunk from the ride's structure, cleaning it up before applying a fresh coat of white paint.  The image above shows some of the finished product, but additional photos the company shared show just how dirty the stripped down structure looks.  With much retracking having taken place over the past few years, the Cyclone will really shine in 2016 with a new look, too!