Saturday, April 5, 2014

March 2014 NPN Poll Results

© Cedar Point
NewsPlusNotes' March 2014 poll asked our readers what their favorite opened in 1980's, still operating, adult Cedar Fair roller coaster was.  Well, that included Magnum XL-200 in the list, and without any real surprise the ride came in #1 with 55% of the total votes.  Really, I think this poll was more about who could come in second, rather than first.

And that was Kings Island's Vortex!  The coaster also opened in 1987 and was designed by Arrow Dynamics, just like Magnum.  It features a total of six inversions: two vertical loops, two corkscrews, and a batwing.

Third place went to the Grizzly, at Kings Dominion.  Opened in 1982, the wooden coaster has been traveling through a heavily wooded part of the park ever since.  In forth place was Iron Dragon, also at Cedar Point.  The suspended roller coaster is one of only a few of its kind left on the planet.

This month's poll is now live, go vote over on the left!