Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cedar Point Readies New For 2014 Rides

With less than a month to go before Cedar Point opens for the 2014 season, the park is in the final stages of preparing their new attractions for 2014.  The two new rides are along the park's Gemini midway, which has seen some dramatic changes overall.

The midway will feature all new pavement and lighting along with changes to both food and retail locations in the area.  One children's ride has been moved into Camp Snoopy, which also appears to be receiving a refresh this off season.  The park has shared some photos of the progress made on the new rides.

© Cedar Point
The Pipe Scream instillation is complete, and the ride is testing - that's probably a bit obvious from this photo.  The new combination of roller coaster and flat ride takes passengers along a 300 foot course, rocking and spinning up to 43 feet above the new midway.  A dizzying experience for sure, but still family friendly as well.  Pipe Scream is sure to add much kinetic energy to the area, keeping things nice and lively.

© Cedar Point
The changes to the Gemini midway also include the addition of the Lake Erie Eagles.  This classic attraction has been added to many parks in the past few seasons and is a rider favorite.  Once seated in their individual buckets (eagle themed, as seen above) riders are able to control the flight pattern using a large fan on the front of the vehicle.  This allows the ride to be as mild or wild as each person wants!

Cedar Point will open for the 2014 season on May 10th.