Friday, April 25, 2014

Angkor: Adventure In The Lost Kingdom Now Open at PortAventura

© PortAventura
The longest ride of its kind in Europe, PortAventura's Angkor: Adventure in the Lost Kingdom is now open and entertaining thousands of guests at the Spanish theme park.

The splash battle style ride was created by Mack Rides, and was inspired by the real-life Temple of Angkor.  The boats journey through several different sections of ride, which include a jungle and a busy native village.  Riders have the ability to blast water at targets along the way, and of course at other boats as well!

© PortAventura
Angkor: Adventure in the Lost Kingdom has a cast of animated characters that were created by Sally Corporation - all designed to be able to withstand being blasted by water all day!  The animations designed include a tiger, giant snake (seen above), monkey king, and villagers in some truly hilarious poses.  Sally is showing off some of their work for Angkor on their blog - make sure to stop over and check that out.

For those who want to really experience Angkor: Adventure in the Lost Kingdom, this point of view should do the trick.  Notice how nice and long the attraction is, with plenty of interactivity around each corner!