Saturday, April 5, 2014

Luna Park's Second New For 2014 Ride Revealed

© Luna Park
The screams will be much louder in Coney Island this summer, and not just because of the giant new Thunderbolt roller coaster.  Luna Park has announced their second new ride for the season, and this one is a prototype from Zamperla.  Named the Luna 360, the flat ride has replaced the Eclipse and from a first glance many might think the two attractions are the same.  But there's one big difference between the two.

© Luna Park
The Luna 360 takes its name in a literal sense, as the entire gondola will fully invert as the pendulum swings.  The Eclipse only went slightly above 90 degrees off the ground, but the Luna 360 will complete full rotations.  Naturally, the gondola rotates on its own as well during the ride, creating a disorienting but thrilling experience.

The addition of the Luna 360 continues the tradition of Zamperla debuting their latest designs at the park.  Last year the park opened Water Mania, another new ride from the company which features a tea-cup style experience with water blasters.