Monday, February 10, 2014

Six Flags Over Georgia's Hurricane Harbor Progress Update

Granted this is still mostly a muddy mess, but Six Flags Over Georgia continues to get the foundations going for their new Hurricane Harbor water park.  The park has been posting regularly updated photos of the mega-expansion and while not too exciting quite yet they will be soon!

The excitement will arrive when the slides start to go in the air, and the wave pool starts to be poured - that's when Hurricane Harbor will start to show more obvious signs of progress.  That's not to say that none has been made, the foundation and earth moving process for a water park is as important than ever.  The park has been receiving brightly colored slide pieces, seen above, and started to assemble them in the parking lot as well.

Just a reminder visual of what Hurricane Harbor will look like when it open this Summer at Six Flags Over Georgia!  The main attractions will be two slide towers and a large wave pool.  One of the slides will be a combination of two popular water slides mixed into one, a bowl slide and a half pipe.  As the start of the season nears we are sure to see more progress, so stay tuned!