Saturday, February 1, 2014

El Loco Close to Opening at Adventuredome

© Adventuredome
It looks like the grand opening of El Loco at The Adventuredome in Las Vegas may be just around the corner.  The park has released a teaser video of the ride, featuring two segments of point of view footage:

The clips are short, and leave a lot of the ride unseen, but do manage to show off both of the inversions that are featured on El Loco.  The coaster is a custom version of S&S Worldwide's El Loco design, happening to share the same name. 

A recent post by the park gives a bit more information about the soundtrack that will be featured on the coaster, saying that a mix of "latin, reggaeton, hip hop and rock" will be played.

No official opening date has been released yet, but with a contest to select some of the first riders complete, and plenty of testing going on it can't be too far off!