Saturday, February 22, 2014

Roar-O-Saurus Reaches for the Sky

© Story Land
The progress on the Gravity Group designed Roar-O-Saurus at New Hampshire's Story Land has continued at a quick pace, with the ride's tallest structure now reaching for the skies.  This shot was sent to NPN by the park and shows the ride's tall bents being placed as a snow storm set it - even that didn't slow down those workers!

© Story Land
This one was taken before the snow arrived - check out that beautiful blue sky behind Roar-O-Saurus.  You can see that the tall structure for lift hill/turn around/drop was a little less far along when compared to the more recent image at the top.

When Roar-o-Saurus is complete it will stretch 1,242 feet long, use a lift hill of 40 feet and have a first drop of 38.5 feet.  The ride will utilize one Timberliner train from Gravitykraft and is being designed as a family ride.  Great progress so far, we're looking forward to seeing more!