Sunday, February 16, 2014

From The Vault: Dorney Park's 2003 Water Park Expansion

It seems fitting that since Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom are adding a large, six slide tower for 2014 we take a look back to 2003 when the park saw a similar expansion.  That year ten slides were added on two separate towers.  Also similar to the changes planned for 2014, 2003 also saw heavy renovations throughout Wildwater Kingdom, everything from the wave pool to walkways were upgraded.

This news release contains a wealth of information on the new slide towers that went up in 2003.  One tower had slides depart from two different levels, Patriot's Plunge from 51 feet and Wildwater Rapids from 40 feet.  The former has patriotic red, white, and blue slides that utilize inner-tubes for the way down, while the later was a set of four zippy body slides.  

Jumpin' Jack Splash was the second slide tower that went up, starting at 30 feet above the ground.  These slides are 'beginner' slides, meant for smaller kids and low on the intensity scale.  They're actually receiving some modifications this winter to change their ending from a splash pool into run-out sections.

I've always been fond of the concept art the park released for the larger of the two slide towers.  It's stylized in a way that was different from what Cedar Fair was releasing at the time.  It's also a plus how they added Talon standing proudly behind the slide structures!