Thursday, February 6, 2014

Banshee's Trains Arrive at Kings Island

© KIGMGREG via Twitter
They've arrived!  The first of the cars that will make up three trains and eventually run the tracks on Kings Island's new Banshee inverted coaster have arrived at the park.  After being unpacked some, the park started sharing photos of the new seat design that will be used on Banshee, the first time for a B&M inverted coaster.

© Kings Island
This shot is a bit more clear, and shows additional details.  The new restraints on the trains are similar to those used on B&M's wing coasters.  The traditional harness is replaced with a more snug fitting restraint that is smaller and thinner, allowing much more visual freedom.  The hand grabs are positioned so that they also do not block a rider's view, and meet to attach to the bottom of the seat.

© Kings Island
While on the subject of Banshee, I simply had to also share this photo of the ride the park has used on their social media.  The ride is complete in the photo, and quite amazing looking!  I love how the coaster's peaks are framing the park's iconic Eiffel Tower.