Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Busch Gardens Tampa Shows Off Completed Falcon's Fury

© Busch Gardens Tampa
This morning Busch Gardens Tampa held a construction tour of both Falcon's Fury and the new Pantopia themed area.  Falcon's Fury recently had its top piece added, shaded yellow the cap is similar to those we've seen on many other Intamin tower rides.  The photo above, from the park's Twitter account, shows off just how high Falcon's Fury appears when standing directly under it!

© Busch Gardens Tampa
Those on the tour also got to give Falcon's Fury's test seat a try, seen above.  It certainly appears comfortable, though I would think there would be some sort of foot bar installed since the seats rotate 90 degrees at the top.  Speaking of that, BGTFans has a write up on today's visit that includes info on the ride's seats, which will actually rotate back to the sitting position while the cars free-fall.  So not only do you get a totally face-down plunge to start, but then one that rotates you back up while you fall!  Pretty wild.

Check out BGTFans for more photos and information on Falcon's Fury.