Friday, August 22, 2008

Aerial Antics: UK Park + Ride Aerials

Friday is a good day for Live Local aerial obsessing. Today the site took me to jolly old England and I found some treasures, like:

Thorpe Park. Home of the 10 Inversion Colossus, B&M Inverted Nemesis Inferno, the Intamin launched Stealth, and a new for 2009 Gerstlauer Euro Fighter.

The Vampire, at Chessington World of Adventures. This Arrow Dynamics suspended coaster opened in 1990, and received some great new trains from Vekoma in 2002.

G-Force at Drayton Manor park. What a funky little ride! It opened in 2005 and was designed by Mauher Sohne. Oh, and it's not a launched ride, that weird loopish track on the right side is the lift!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach - with the Pepsi Max towering over everything. You also have to love how crammed in everything is at the park.