Friday, August 8, 2008

Busch Gardens Europe 2009

Busch Gardens Europe has announced a new Sesame Street themed land as their new for 2009 addition to the theme park.

The area will feature 4 rides for families, as well as wet and dry play areas for the kiddies. But that's not all, there will also be a souvenir photo facility, character dining location, and themed retail stores.

The Globe Theater will also be playing a Sesame Street themed 4-D show next season, I believe the same that opened at Sea World San Diego this summer.

Here is a small roller coaster that will be in the area, looks to be called "Grover's Alpine Tours" from this art.

Looks like another of the rides will be an Elmo themed family bounce/drop ride from this art. You can also see the wet and dry play areas in this one.

Here is a small log flume that will be in the area, this art calls it "Bert and Ernie Look at a Loch." Didn't the Land of the Dragons children's area have a small log flume? Is this just being moved and rethemed?

Nice family addition, though, I'm sure it'll be mega popular.