Saturday, August 9, 2008

Current Geauga Lake Status

WKYC has published another flyover video of the former Geauga Lake amusement park. This lets us know the status of the deconstruction of the park. Here are some caps with some thoughts:

Big Dipper still standing until the drama concludes. The arm for El Dorado is still standing, not down at Kings Dominion yet. You can see the few pieces of Head Spin that are left, the rest is already arriving at Carowinds.

Big empty spot where the Villain stood. There's really nothing left of it, it's all been shipped away already.

Empty spot on the left was the Beaver Mine Train coaster or whatever it's name was. We still haven't heard what park this is going to? Empty spot on the right was the Top Spin that moved to Great America.

Footers from the former Dominator coaster at the top; the SkyCoaster that was purchased is still standing. Also the river rapids (which I think the hardware for sold) is still there, won't take much for a bulldozer to rip out that concrete...

Wolf Bobs is still standing, but it's been said that all the metal on the track has been ripped off for scrap. And for Ebay. Lame.

Head Spin's former footprint can be seen in the middle, and above that was the monorail station which came down weeks ago (maybe to help with the Head Spin removal).

The article also says that the 11 acre property that is the hotel is under contract with a non-profit - so nothing exciting there. The big 400 acre parcel is for housing, and the 100 or so acre section is for retail.