Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hard Rock Park: Singing The Blues

Well, maybe not the blues but it does not look like the park had the first season they had hoped - or expected.

The park recently laid off 30 or so employees, full and part time, and during the summer has scaled back operating hours - and admission prices. Seems the park, like so many new ones, expected massive crowds that never realized.

The park had hoped for 3 million in attendance (which was not realistic, anyway) and is not saying exactly what they are pulling in, but it's certainly not that.

This could just be the learning curve for the park, though. They'll have to come back next year with a new and improved marketing plan, and a more realistic operating calendar and admission price.

I do hope they have some cash to use to but a new ride to help with marketing, specifically a water ride as the park lacks these and it's hot down there!


dwitos079 said...

I was down in myrtle beach but there was no way I was going to spend 60 bucks to get in. If their admission price was more realistic I would have surely gone.