Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two Disney Rumor Items

I noticed a couple interesting Disney Park related rumors on the net recently, and wanted to point them out to you guys.

First, Disney And More has published a breakdown of what they say will be coming to the Disneyland Paris Resort in the coming years. Lots of interesting things to read about here, from hotel expansions to new rides like Indy and Little Mermaid. Check the article out for yourself.

Next is a rumor about a new mini-park attraction that could be Disney World's next big thing. A poster over on MiceChat took an online survey that detailed what "The Jungle Trek" would be like in Disney World. Read the details here, but it sounds like a highly detailed and themed interactive, personalized Jungle adventure - that would cost a lot.

It's being rumored as the 5th park for the resort, but really it sounds like a nice add-on for Animal Kingdom. It would cost a lot for each person, and have limited attendance, i.e. - it's Disney's answer to Discovery Cove.

As long as it doesn't cut into funding for new attractions at existing parks, or cannibalize the property in general, it sounds like a neat idea...