Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dollywood 2009

© 2008 Coasterfreaky

According to a newsletter sent out by Dollywood, the park's main new attraction for 2009 will be Adventure Mountain.

"At the mountain’s base or high atop the summit of this new multi-level attraction, thrills are sure to peak as guests encounter a waterfall gorge, rugged rope trails, discovery cave—even fire mountain— along the various paths that meander throughout this two-acre area. Daring zip lines even awaits those brave enough to travel through the treetops! Guests can challenge
themselves in individual competitions or the entire family can compete in the contest to see who can tackle Dollywood’s new Adventure Mountain."

User Coasterfreaky on the TRP boards took many photos of the attraction from the newsletter, you can see those in this thread.

It looks like a much bigger and more elaborate version of Sky Hike, which was added to Stone Mountain park this year.

I love how creative Herschend is with their new attractions!