Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Iron Menace Takes First Test Run at Dorney Park

© Dorney Park

Iron Menace is officially alive!  The park confirmed that the new B&M Dive Coaster made its first test run successfully around 4:24 pm today.  The ride has been under construction for about 8 months, so it was super exciting for members of the Dorney Park team and construction crews to see Iron Menace run for the first time.


“We cheered. It was a special moment,” said Communications and Public Relations Manager Ryan Eldredge. “This park is a huge part of our lives and this community and we are beyond grateful to be a part of history. Based on that test run, this ride is going to be an absolute hit.”


© Dorney Park

© Dorney Park

Iron Menace's official opening date is May 10th, but park officials have stressed that if at all possible they intend to open the park early for previews of the ride.  With this successful first test run, those early preview dates certainly look like a good bet right now!


Dorney Park has released some awesome B-Roll footage of the ride testing.  Iron Menace is much zippier than I expected, and in all the right ways!  I cannot wait to ride!