Sunday, July 24, 2022

Playland at PNE Opens New 'Skybender' Flat Ride

© Playland
Playland, located in Vancouver, Canada, has opened a thrilling new flat ride named Skybender.  The ride is manufactured by Zamperla, and features a wonderful color scheme of purple, pink and yellow - plus orange accents.  Lively, for sure.  The ride just recently opened and represents a $2.7 million investment on behalf of Playland.

Skybender is one of Zamperla's most recent creations, called Gryphon by the manufacturer.   The ride features single seats (24) that swing outward as the entire ride rotates - quickly.  This is not a brand new type of ride as older models have existed for quite some time, but the single seats with legs dangling is a much more freeing way to ride than the old creations offered.  The ride also rotates at a good clip, which adds to the thrill appeal of Skybender.

As I said, this is a relatively new creation by Zamperla and it looks like a lot of fun - hopefully we see more of these pop up in the coming years.  Below is a video of Skybender that Playland published to give you an idea of the experience.