Monday, April 25, 2022

Geauga Lake Redevelopment Well Underway

© Fox8
None of this is new news or anything surprising, but I happened to notice a news article about the redevelopment of the land that was Geauga Lake (and the land around it) and thought it was worth sharing.  

Up top is a recent aerial of where Geauga Lake was, it's finally being fully flattened and beaten back down to just dirt.  For many years after the park closed most of the structures were removed but a lot of rubble and the like was still at the park.  There were a million urban explorer type YouTube videos of the park, along with drone flights over it.  Currently the park is being prepped for a large redevelopment which will include apartments, homes, retail, office space and other ameinities with a nod to the amusement park that once stood there.

Here is a drawing of the redevelopment planned to surround the lake, most of which is on top of the amusement park proper but also wrapping around the lake (like when Six Flags connected the two parks!).  Industrial Commercial Properties is the developer behind the project, you can read more about it here.

© Google Maps

I also noticed that a separate project has houses already standing on the former parking lot area of Wildwater Kingdom, formerly SeaWorld Ohio.  That project even has a street named Dipper Lane.  So if you ever wanted to live in a development atop a former park's parking lot, here you go!  Also of note, the waterpark seems to still be standing, despite the development right next door.