Sunday, February 27, 2022

Hersheypark to Retheme Coaster + Build New Ride for 2022

© Hersheypark
Jolly Ranchers are very 'in' this year at Hersheypark, as the popular theme park has announced two new attractions themed on the famous candies.  Seen above, the park will totally repaint and retheme their 1991 Vekoma Boomerang coaster, formerly known as Sidewinder, into the Jolly Rancher Remix.  The ride will still invert passengers a total of six times during the 90 second ride, but the coaster has received some interesting upgrades.


Aside from the bright new paint job, which features the colors of the Jolly Rancher candies including bright green track, the coaster will also have a new tunnel installed with special effects.  According to Hersheypark, "each ride is different with five randomized flavor rides like Watermelon or Green Apple, complete with different music, lights and scents for an only-in-Hershey sensory experience."  Sounds like a sweet-smelling take on one of the park's coasters!


© Hersheypark
Located under the boomerang element of the Jolly Rancher Remix coaster, a new family flat ride will also debut, named Mix'd Flavored by Jolly Rancher.  I'm sure most guests will just call the ride Mix'd, as that's a great description of the ride's visuals.  The attraction is one of Zamperla's Nebulaz rides, which the manufacturer describes as a "visual riddle." 

© Hersheypark
Mix'd has four arms that seat riders at the end of each, and the arms "swing about horizontal axes in a circular motion while the central tower rotates around itself," as described by Zamperla.  It's a mesmerizing ride to look at, but still family friendly as passengers do not invert during the ride.  The seats at the end of the arms face back-to-back and the ride spins both forwards and backwards, so no matter where you sit you get both directional experiences.

Both Jolly Rancher Remix and Mix'd Flavored by Jolly Rancher are set to open this summer at Hersheypark.