Monday, November 22, 2021

Adventureland Long Island Building Fireball Coaster in 2022

© Adventureland
Long Island's Adventureland has surprised us all with the announcement of a new roller coaster, Fireball, that will open at the park in 2022.  The park is promising more details in the near future, and for now is just stating on social media that Fireball is aimed at providing fun for the entire family.

From the image they released along with the logo, we can pretty easily tell that this will be one of Ride Engineers Switzerland's Roller Ball coasters.  Plus, Adventureland makes it clear that their new ride will be the only of its kind in North America, as there are only similar rides in Austria, Germany and France.

Per the description of the Roller Ball coaster from Ride Engineers Switzerland, "passengers get the sensation being a pinball while safely running down the track in a 4-seat gondola with individual lap bars. Due to the acceleration and deceleration, the gondola is swinging around the vertical curves in combination with a free fall feeling."


From the company's website it appears as though Adventureland is adding the Roller Ball S model, which stands 72 feet tall, has 288 feet of track and has a maximum speed of about 16 miles per hour.  Obviously, as a family ride the intent is not to be overly thrilling. The above video is of a larger sized instillation of a Roller Ball, which still will give a nice look at what to expect at Adventureland next season.