Sunday, December 27, 2020

Six Flags Over Texas Pushes Aquaman: Power Wave to 2022

© Six Flags Over Texas
This change was noticed a bit ago, but I showed up to the party late it seems.  Still, it's worth noting that Six Flags Over Texas has changed the wording on their website to indicate that Aquaman: Power Wave will now be opening in 2022, not 2021 as many expected.

© Six Flags Over Texas
The ride was originally slated to open in 2020 and had a great deal of its construction finished before the pandemic set in and the parks closed for many months.  As with other projects at Six Flags parks across the country the ride was not worked on during the summer and fall, as we all expected the "new for 2020" rides to simply become the "new for 2021" rides.  Not so in this case, it seems.

© Six Flags Over Texas
Aquaman: Power Wave is one of Mack's PowerSplash attractions, a combination roller coaster type track with water splash boat ride.  It features LSM launches to power the boats forward and backward up towers that stand up to 148 feet in the air.  There's a gentle air-time hill in the middle of the track that adds even more fun to the mix.  Eventually water is released into the pool below and as the boat comes down the tower a final time a huge splash ensues.  

As for the delay, one can easily speculate that Six Flags in general will be conserving cash for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic, but there are also rumors popping up that the ride was ordered without a turntable station, which limited capacity greatly.  The rumors say that the ride will but outfitted with a turntable so a second boat can be used, causing the delay.  If true, good move on the park's part!