Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Mt. Olympus Theme + Water Park Only Open to Resort Guests in 2020

© Mt. Olympus
Mt. Olympus Theme and Water Park has started to advertise on their website that the parks will only be open to guests staying in their resort hotels during 2020.  It is not immediately clear if this is in reaction to the pandemic, though one might assume that it at least partially is.

The property has purchased many area hotels in recent years, and now advertise that they offer more than 1,700 rooms and host 1.3 million visitors per year.  They have an indoor water park, indoor family entertainment center, outdoor water park and an outdoor amusement park for guests to utilize.

© Mt. Olympus
The change, if in part due to the pandemic, will certainly make managing their guests easier and also reduce the number of them overall.  The property appears to have had their indoor water park and indoor family entertainment center open this whole time, with the outdoor parks usually opening on Memorial Day.  I don't see any notice of them delaying that opening on their site.

In other news about the park, it seems that a lot of customers who cancelled reservations due to the pandemic have been denied refunds.  The local news reports that they've been contacted by many visitors with the issue, and while there are always two sides to a story it certainly isn't the kind of press you want these days.


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