Saturday, June 29, 2019

Cedar Fair's Purchase of California's Great America is Official + 2020 Construction Is Underway

© California's Great America
Cedar Fair's previous announcement of their plans to purchase the land (versus leasing it as they have in the past) that California's Great America sits on is now complete.  The company announced that the land acquisition had closed and they paid $150 million for the 112 acres of property.

The land purchase seems like it will give the park a green light on future expansion, which to some degree has stalled in the past year or so.

Cedar Fair President and CEO Richard A. Zimmerman said, “Our purchase of the land on which the park operates underscores Cedar Fair’s long-term commitment to California’s Great America, a unique, family-friendly entertainment destination serving those who call Northern California home. I want to thank the City of Santa Clara for being a valuable partner since our acquisition of the park in 2006, and we look forward to building upon that relationship as we continue to focus on the development of California’s Great America.”

© Railblazer CGA via YouTube
California's Great America was originally expected to have a major water park expansion this season, which now appears to be moving ahead full steam for 2020.  Several photos have appeared on social media of the park working on the project, and this video on YouTube from user Railblazer CGA shows a ton of water slide pieces on site along with foundations for a slide tower going in.

The slide pieces look pretty similar to those that have been used in the WhiteWater drop-tower slides that have gone into numerous Cedar Fair parks in the past 5 or so years, and are already being assembled.  It seems more pieces have been arriving recently, so there may be even more slides involved as well. 

While the park hasn't confirmed it, everyone expects that the park will remove the Boomerang Bay name and theme for the water park, giving it something that fits the park's history more closely.


Grobble said...

The water park expansion was known since the fall. Permits of exactly what is coming have been available for 6 months or more if you looked them up. Park is getting Drop slide complex, kiddie slide complex, new bathrooms & changing rooms, a 5000ft restaurant called Harbor House & restaurant with outdoor eatery called Schooners.