Friday, September 13, 2013

Kings Dominion Planning Special 40th Anniversary Celebration

In 2014 Virginia's Kings Dominion theme park will celebrate its 40th anniversary, having first opened back in 1975.  To mark the milestone the park is going all out and having a season long celebration that brings the park's history to the forefront and includes special events, renovations, and more.

The 40th Celebration does not contain any new rides and attractions, but I still think this is one of the coolest things we've seen a Cedar Fair park do in some time. 

While not all the plans and events are being released at this time, the park has explained some of what they have planned for next year.  A major part of the celebration will be the addition of Ruby, a custom painted 40th anniversary horse that will be added to the park's Carousel.  The Carousel opened with the park in 1975 and dates back to 1917, so it makes sense to add emphasis to such a historic ride.

The park will also bring back their famous blue ice cream, which was a visitor favorite for many years.  The park's International Street Fountain will see a full refurbishment, including new LED lighting among other improvements.

© Kings Dominion
For those who visited the park years ago, they will remember some themed sections that are also returning in 2014 - which is a move I think is quite awesome.  Candy Apple Grove will return, which was one of the park's original midways and has recently just been called The Grove.  The rethemed section will "include new ride lighting packages, return of the classic over-sized candy apples along the midway and other surprises."

Another themed area will make a reappearance, and that's the Safari Village - currently known as Congo.  Not many details on changes in that section were revealed, but "exciting" changes are said to be coming to the Volcano and Anaconda roller coasters.

Kings Dominion has set up a huge section of their website devoted to the Celebration, filled with detailed histories and photos of the park's past.  There's a lot to browse through, so be sure to check it out!