Saturday, April 30, 2016

SeaWorld San Antonio Begins Teasing New for 2017 Roller Coaster

This past November, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment gave a look at some of their future plans during their Investors Day presentation.  One of the items shown was a Sea Rescue themed roller coaster, unofficially expected to be heading to Texas at SeaWorld San Antonio.  Here's some of the concept art that was shown during the presentation:

© SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
Initially there was some confusion that this ride might head to the San Diego park, but the similarities to that park's Manta coaster were far too many, and with the Orlando park currently building Mako there really wasn't a need for this ride (at least right now).  So that left the Texas park, already home to two adult, one water and one family roller coaster, to be the lucky recipient of this jet ski themed ride.

Well now there's no confusion at all, as SeaWorld San Antonio has released this short teaser clip about their 2017 addition, for now just called a "new thrill."

The teaser calls for a "new generation of heroes" to "race into action," showing not only plenty of jet ski footage but also sea animal rescues and some animated roller coaster track as well.

The park isn't saying much more about the ride at the moment.  Taking a look around, SeaWorld San Diego's Manta (a Mack ride) features a launched/low to the ground experience that is similar to this new design, but the train seating doesn't quite fit.  Coincidentally, SeaWorld in Australia (unrelated to SeaWorld Entertainment) has Jet Rescue, from Intamin, which looks very similar to the concept art.  Stay tuned for more as it is released!