Sunday, April 10, 2016

Valravn is Alive at Cedar Point!

We've all been waiting to see the mighty Valravn in action, and over the weekend Cedar Point pulled back the curtain and let us see some of coaster's first test runs.

The Valravn Minute episode embedded above shows some on and off ride shots mixed in with original preview animation, more of a tease than a full view of the B&M dive machine running its course.  However, the park later did a live Periscope of the coaster performing its 3rd test run, which was uploaded here.  The ride was running pretty fast in the live stream, as the park did not use the initial holding brake or the mid-course brakes since the temperature was so low.  If the ride runs even close to that speed, though, we're all in for a treat!

© Cedar Point
Also, make sure that you're keeping tabs on Cedar Point's construction gallery for Valravn, as many pieces of the ride's surrounding area are coming together.  Recently added photos include what I believe to be the ride's exit gift shop (above) and plenty of photos from inside Valravn's station.  The entire area around the ride is receiving finishes that include plenty of stone in all regards, no doubt the new section of the park will be top notch when complete.