Thursday, April 21, 2016

Adventureland Park's New Monster Coaster Completed

© Adventureland Park
It hasn't been very long at all since we saw that The Monster at Adventureland Park, located in Altoona, Iowa, had started vertical construction - and now the ride is complete!  The park's construction crews made quick work of assembling the 2,500 feet of the Gerstlauer steel coaster.

The park ichoses proudly sharing photos of the new thrill ride, like the one above of the ride vehicle's front car.  They're taking the Monster theme all the way, having the manufacturer create this clawed creature for the vehicles.  Looks great!

© Adventureland Park
On the ground (and taken before the ride was 100% complete), we see the ride's beyond vertical (at 101 degrees) first drop.  The vertical lift that is just outside the frame of this photo will take the individual cars up to 133 feet before the drop.

Adventureland also chose to keep their Skyride despite the Monster setting up shop under its path.  This view shows how the ride goes both under and over the Skyride - going to make for some really neat interactions!

© Adventureland Park
Although the Monster's layout was revealed when the coaster was first announced, its twisted layout made following the ride path a bit difficult.  This lovely aerial photo - taken before the track was complete, though - allows you to follow much of the ride.  The Monster's twisted green track will feature a total of 5 inversions including dive loops, an immelmann and a corkscrew.

The new coaster is still scheduled to open at Adventureland sometime in June.